T-shirts made in the USA are now available

We now have made in the USA t-shirts available. All of our No Planet B shirts are printed on USA-made shirts. This does raise our costs and will add a little more to the price of the shirts, but we feel it is worth the extra charge for many of our customers.

Eventually, we plan to move to all made in the USA shirts, but for now, we will offer that as an option.

Hello Shoppers!

Ken here. Thank you for visiting Ken’s Direct To You.

There is an old saying in the printing industry – Good, Fast, Cheap. Pick Two.

At Ken’s Direct our slogan is “Be patient, it will come.” Your stuff may be good and it most certainly is affordable (we like affordable because cheap has a bad reputation), what it isn’t is fast.

The reason it may take 4 to 6 weeks for your order to arise is that we ship from warehouses all over the world and our factories will process your order and send it directly to you. While the disadvantage of this approach is the lack of speed in reaching your door, the trade-off is that you get to keep some extra change in your pocket. By eliminating the middle man (us) you get the best price possible for the merchandise you want.

We will be updating the site continually, bringing in new products and running special sales so please bookmark our site and come back often.